Client Testimonials

"Chris Rhoad is an outstanding personal trainer. He designs effective workouts to meet every client's needs, changing the routine with every session. He works closely with the client during every session watching to insure that every exercise is performed correctly and he counts to insure the proper number of reps are completed. He makes the hour-long workout fun, and the time and effort go by quickly. I have seen Chris work with the fittest of fit individuals, as well as those who need a therapeutic approach to their weekly visit. I highly recommend Chris as everyone's personal trainer."

-Bella Sera Community Association

"I've had a few personal trainers and I honestly wish all my family and friends back in Texas could train with Chris because he is the best trainer I've ever trained with. His rates are reasonable and he is super knowledgeable. He plans challenging full-body workouts for all of his clients. You get a great workout every time! He is very friendly, easy to talk to, and fosters a comfortable environment to work out in. He trains people at all levels and starts you off at a level you're comfortable with. You definitely see results! He's awesome!"

-Jennifer Lowery, KU graduate student

"Chris is a great trainer. He enjoys training with all age groups including senior citizens. Chris really knows his profession well. Plus he has a great sense of humor!"

-Linda Bailey, retired

"Before I worked with Chris, I'd never spent much time in a gym. Chris not only worked to make me feel comfortable with the various machines and weights, but he also made a program that was easy to follow, fun to keep up with and one tailored to my strengths and targeted at areas where I could improve. Chris was always personable and professional. My work with Chris definitely opened the door to increased fitness, happiness and overall health. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to start an exercise routine, get back into the gym after some time away, or to simply build onto an established exercise history."

-Ben Procter, Graduate Student

"Reporting the news on television doesn't leave much time for working out. But with the help of Chris I lost more than 30 pounds in four months! He outlined what to do, when to do it and why it will benefit me all in a way that made me understand. His fitness plan not only helped me get back into shape but it also increased my overall energy. If you're interested in shaping up and or gaining muscle Chris can make it happen. I'm still going strong -- and even if the camera adds 20 pounds... I know Chris can help me burn it off!"

-Mike Marusarz, Reporter/Anchor on NBC Action News in Kansas City

"Not having been brought up to value team sports, or physical activity in the manner that young women are today, I do not gravitate toward it and have felt somewhat awkward. My work with Chris is one on one. I have his full attention for my personal hour and a customized workout routine. Weight loss, additional strength and fitness being the more obvious benefits of a fitness training program, I also experience increased confidence in my physical capabilities, improved posture, stress reduction, improved morale and a sense of well being and accomplishment. Chris challenges his clients to stretch to reach their full potential. I worked with him three times per week for several months and am currently on a twice weekly regimen. Chris also practices what he preaches. He's disciplined, trains regularly, and runs half marathons. In this way, he serves as an ideal model for his clients. In a sense, with Chris's help, I'm re-training my body and mind to believe in their capabilities. The endorphins earned at the end of a workout are a kind of dessert."

-Carol Ann Carter, KU Professor of Art

"Exercise is torture for me! I should have started working with Chris years ago! During the 18 months I have worked with him, Chris has developed a weight program for me which has improved my overall fitness. In addition, Chris is always professional and friendly, and he has a wonderful sense of humor which keeps me focused through twice weekly, very early morning training sessions. I highly recommend Chris as a Personal Trainer!"

-Diane Mosher, Admin Assistant